Cultural Vistas offers students from around the world the unique opportunity to complete an internship with a startup company in Berlin, the German capital of innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants gain skills custom-tailored to their career goals and previous work experience, as well as an exciting glimpse into Berlin’s thriving startup scene.

The Berlin Startup Program allows students to immerse themselves in a young company, gaining valuable experience in a dynamic work environment. The program is particularly appealing to students who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and want to gain some professional experience in an innovative and fast-growing company in Berlin. Internships last up to 3 months and are fulltime (between 30-40 hours per week). If the internship is required by your program of study to complete your degree, internships longer than 3 months are also possible.

Internships are sought with organizations and companies that match each student’s professional and academic background and career goals. Each internship placement is arranged on an individual basis; there is no database of positions that need to be filled. As such, it is important for each student to clearly express their goals for the internship and their motivation for taking part in the Berlin Startup Program, while remaining realistic regarding their skills and previous work experience.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Berlin Startup Program, you must:

  • Have a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship and startup culture
  • Be interested in completing an internship in a field closely related to your studies
  • Be fluent in English. Prior German language knowledge is not required but can be helpful for daily life in Berlin.
  • Be enrolled throughout the duration of your internship in a degree program at a higher education institution (bachelor, master, or equivalent)
  • Have completed at least 4 semesters of study toward your current degree program by the start of the internship
  • Be between the ages of 18-30
  • Have some prior relevant professional experience in your career field (internship, volunteer, work, etc.)

Fees and Services

The fee to participate in the Berlin Startup Program is 775 €, which includes a non-refundable 65 € application fee. The program fee includes the following services provided by Cultural Vistas:

  • placement with a German company in your field of study or a related field
  • work authorization form (Arbeitsmarktzulassung)
  • support before and during your program for matters related to your internship and general German cultural information

In addition, participants are required to purchase health insurance to cover their time abroad at a cost of 40 € per month through Cultural Vistas.

Optional Servicese1

If you would like to take part in an intensive language course prior to your internship, you have the option to book a one-month course in a variety of cities. The language course costs 1400 € per month, including housing during the language course.

Additional Costs

Participants should have extra funds available for their airfare, housing and food during the program, and any additional money for travel or other costs not related to the internship program. Cultural Vistas recommends a monthly budget between 300 – 500 € for rent and between 300 – 500 € for food and other expenses. Cultural Vistas cannot guarantee paid internship placements, and participants should accordingly be prepared to pay their own living expenses.


Application Procedure

You should apply for the Berlin Startup Program at least 6 months prior to your intended start date. Students wishing to participate should submit their online applications and all supporting materials by this date. Supporting materials can be completed or uploaded online and include the following:

  • online application form
  • motivational statement (should be no longer than 2 typewritten pages and should include your previous work experience, long-term career goals, motivation for participating in the internship program, and expectations for an internship in Berlin)
  • English language résumé
  • a scan of the information page of your passport
  • a copy of your transcript from your home university and proof of current enrollment status
  • one professional letter of recommendation (from a previous internship or job, ideally related to internship field)
  • one academic letter of recommendation (from a current of former professor, ideally from a course related to internship field)

Following receipt of your application, Cultural Vistas will contact you to arrange a phone interview to discuss your motivation and goals for the internship. Your internship search will then commence and can last anywhere between 1-3 months, depending on the industry, time of year, and various other factors. Once your internship has been secured, Cultural Vistas encourages you to complete a telephone interview with your potential host company. Following confirmation of the internship, Cultural Vistas will issue a work authorization form (Arbeitsmarktzulassung) in conjunction with the German Federal Employment Agency.

Please note: most foreign nationals must apply for a visa for the duration of their internship at the responsible German consulate in their country of residence. You will need the work authorization form from Cultural Vistas prior to making this appointment. You should not make any travel plans to Germany until you have received your visa.

You may begin your application and return to it at any time to make changes before you have submitted it. Please note that you must click “Submit” when your application is complete for Cultural Vistas to receive it. Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

Please note: the Berlin Startup Program is being merged with our Intern in Germany program. Please click here to find out more information and to complete an online application.