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With the support of the German Foreign Office, Cultural Vistas provides 25 students and young professionals with the opportunity to enhance their professional development and to build an international network. Cultural Vistas matches all participants with established German host companies related to their academic background and personal preferences for an immersive virtual internship experience.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis until August 15. Internships of up to 12 weeks duration between early September and late December 2020 are possible. Costs are covered by the financial support of the German Foreign Office.

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Cultural Vistas provides visa sponsorship that enables individuals to complete professional internships in the United States. Both students and recent graduates are able to complete internships in their area of study, such as business, engineering, IT, creative industries, hospitality management, and many others. Over 4,500 individuals from over 130 countries come to the U.S. annually to participate in the Train USA program through Cultural Vistas, gaining important professional and linguistic skills and personal development in a global context.

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Unlike most international exchange programs which only cater to university students, Cultural Vistas’ Train USA program specifically caters to professionals who already have academic degrees. If you have already received an internship offer with a host company in the U.S., our Train USA program will enable you to stay in the country for up to 18 months as you gain experience within your professional field through the J-1 Trainee Visa.

Intern in Germany Program

The Intern in Germany Program (IGP) allows students studying outside the U.S. and Canada to immerse themselves in a German workplace and gain valuable intercultural experience along with relevant skills for their careers. The program is particularly appealing to students who have studied the German language and want to take their linguistic and professional skills to the next level by experiencing German workplace culture and society firsthand. Internships last up to 3 months and are fulltime (between 30-40 hours per week). If the internship is required by your program of study to complete your degree, internships longer than 3 months are also possible.

Information for students studying outside the U.S. and Canada

Information for students studying in the U.S. or Canada

Professional development program annually providing up to 18 accomplished young Americans, Britons, and Germans the opportunity to work at leading Russian organizations.

Comprehensive professional development program in Germany for accomplished young Americans in business, economics, journalism, law, and public policy.

Cultural Vistas partners with the Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program (FU-BEST) to provide internship opportunities in Berlin for German-speaking FU-BEST students from abroad through our joint FU-BEST Internship Program (BEST-IP). FU-BEST is a study abroad program at the Freie Universität Berlin consisting of two regular American-style Fall and Spring semesters, followed by the possibility of an internship through BEST-IP or enrollment in the FU’s Sommersemester for students with German language skills at the upper-intermediate or advanced level.

A multinational program providing U.S. university students with funded opportunities to enrich their academic learning through internship and immersion experiences in Germany, Argentina and Hong Kong.

You are an accredited primary or secondary school teacher in your home country with at least three years of work experience. Your U.S. training can last between 1 – 3 years.


Cultural Vistas thoughtfully designs customized exchange programs tailored to the individual project goals of its partners. Our Program Development team specializes in seeking out new opportunities that encompass our primary focus areas: education, entrepreneurship, sustainability, STEM, underrepresentation, and youth programming.

International Study Tours

Cultural Vistas arranges 10-15 day international tours in various countries in Europe and the U.S. around specific topics such as renewable energy, vocational education, entrepreneurship, new technologies, education, and others. Previous study tours have been funded by governments in the U.S. and E.U., universities, and companies. If you are interested in gaining new perspectives through international exchange for a group of students or young professionals, please contact us.



The Department of State’s premier professional exchange, IVLP enables emerging world leaders to gain firsthand knowledge about the U.S., its people, policies, and culture through carefully designed short-term visits.

Reciprocal exchange providing career-building internships for students majoring in technical fields at host companies in the United States.


German-U.S. exchange of integration practitioners working with refugee and immigrant populations at the local level.

Full year, work-study scholarship program providing U.S. and German students and young professionals with an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in each others’ countries.

Cultural Vistas offers U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents the opportunity to complete an internship specific to their career goals and previous experience in the greater Dublin area.


Cultural exchange for leading South Korean university students to study English, complete a professional internship, and travel in the United States.